How to plan a rock graduation night party

With graduation just around the corner, it’s time to organize an amazing graduation party to celebrate any milestone your child may be finishing, whether it’s in elementary, middle, high school or even college. A graduation party is a perfect excuse to play good music, eat delicious food and celebrate a wonderful achievement! The following are some party tips that will help you organize a prom that is easy for your wallet and your mind.

Location: Whether you decide to have the graduation party in your own patio or you decide to rent a room in a restaurant, deciding on a location is the first step in the planning process of your party. Your location will determine how many people you will invite, the types of decorations you will need, and even what type of food will be served!

Food – The easiest and most stress-free solution for the party meal would be to have the main portion of the food served. For example, if you are going to have an outdoor barbecue party, you can take care of the meat and can prepare some appetizers, salads and desserts. This will allow you to not have to worry about big things, spend a little time putting together the side dishes and then enjoy the night socializing with your children and friends.

Decorations – Nothing says a party like a room full of balloons. Party balloons are not only cheap, they are the perfect way to bring the colors of your school to the party. Group the balloons into bouquets of 5 to 10 balloons and place them in the entire room: on tables, on the back of chairs, around doors, etc. You can also hang streamers, arrange freshly cut flowers or have a table with all your child’s achievements come out for people to see and admire.

Guest list: let your child be the main deciding factor in this category. Sit down with them and make a list of friends, family and other influential people who would like to be there and celebrate this wonderful occasion with them. If space is limited, help your child reduce the list. If you are worried about not including everyone, you might consider organizing an open house type party where people can come and go and give you space to invite more. You should also remember that this is a busy time of year and not everyone can attend, so plan to invite more than you really plan to attend.