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Party Makeup You Should Try to Be Fabulous at Parties

A party is a pleasant event where we can meet many people and make friends. To make friends, you must look attractive, so they are interested in knowing you more. In addition to a beautiful dress, makeup also determines your “success” at parties.

The makeup for parties is different, of course, with the makeup you use for work or to go out with your friends. A nice and good makeup can increase your confidence since people will see you in the right way, not because you look like a monster.

A beautiful dress with common or incorrect makeup will not make you shine. It gives you a nightmare because you feel like you’re in a wrong place and time. But a beautiful dress combined with a beautiful and correct makeup – You’ll make fabulous! You are unforgettable!

Most parties are held in the evening or at night. For this, you need more bright makeup than the usual one that you apply daily. It can also be comparatively darker and more dazzling than normal. Check out tips below before going out for a party:

o The first thing you should do is: clean, exfoliate, tone and moisturize
o Apply ice on the entire face for 5 to 10 minutes.
o Clean your face with cleansing milk
o Apply lotion or moisturizer, and make sure not to leave your face greasy
o To hide scars and imperfections on your face, you should apply concealer
o Apply base on your entire face. Choose darker shades
o Apply shimmer powder with a brush. This is to give extra brightness to your face. Brush it on your face and neck
o To add color, blush your cheeks with a blush on the sides of your forehead
o To create a dramatic eye, the smoky look is a good choice to be wonderful at parties
o Apply the mask on the tips of your lashes.
o Define your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil
o For lipstick, combine it with the color of your dress. Choose the darkest tones if you go to night parties. It prefers the gold, bronze and silver linings to obtain a fresh and glamorous look. Finally, cover your lips with a lip gloss.